Print checklist

Before Finalizing a job Edgeprint highly recommends you to go through a short checklist.

  •  Check for your File formats.
  •  Convert all RGB files to CMYK.
  •  Link all graphics files.
  •  Include all fonts (screen and printer) on disk.
  •  Do not use 4-color text with fonts smaller than 12 pt.
  •  Do not include files that are not relevant to the job.
  •  Bleeds to all sides of your copy to accommodate bleeds.
  •  Save all photos at 300dpi resolution or more.
  •  Ensure all images are owned by you or otherwise licensed for print production.
  •  Avoid using borders on trim edges as this can cause issues during the trimming process.
  •  Avoid using more than 4 different fonts in one document.
  •  5mm bleed Scale.
  •  Convert your text to paths, curves or outlines.
  •  Nominate all colors as CMYK.

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